All owners of cats and dogs understand each other without words. We may be strangers to each other, but we always recognize our own.

We willingly share what our four-legged ones have done, willingly discuss where to walk and what is the best way to feed.

In order to join the discussion on our part, we have created a resource where experts answer relevant questions about our pets.

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I am sniffing you carefully. All about scent communication in dogs

I am sniffing you carefully. All about scent communication in dogs

What is olfactory communication, what do dogs get to know about the world through their sense of smell, interesting facts about the abilities dogs have thanks to their nose. Let us talk about the way dogs perceive and analyze the world. We will never fully understand how they do this, simply bec...

Cats mew. How these animals communicate

Cats mew. How these animals communicate

  Oxana Galan, an expert in pet behavior, says: People are tremendous talkers. Verbal communication is the most understandable and convenient way of communicating for us. Time, however, introduces additional types of communication, and now we continue to communicate sending texts via messaging ap...

Dog not eating: reasons why a dog refuses to eat

Dog not eating: reasons why a dog refuses to eat

Why has your dog lost its appetite Psychological reasons Physiological causes Gourmet dog How to increase your pet's appetite What to do if appetite does not return Dogs are not that picky about food, they happily eat the same thing for a long time. But the refusal of a treat portion should al...

Cat not eating: reasons and solutions

Cat not eating: reasons and solutions

Reasons for lack of appetite  Psychological reasons Physiological causes What to do if your cat is not eating Reasons for lack of appetite There are many reasons why a cat won’t eat. They can be physiological and psychological. If your pet does not want to eat, this does not necessarily signal...

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