How KORME works? 

  • Choose products 
  • Place an order on 
  • We will send a confirmation of your order on email  
  • Get you order from a courier 

We deliver our products by DPD courier 

  1. DPD informs you about the delivery time with 1-hour accuracy. On the morning of delivery, the you receive an SMS message indicating the courier’s arrival with a 1-hour timeframe, e.g. 09:50–10:50. 
  1. You can see the entire journey of the parcel online from the moment the parcel data appears in the DPD system until the courier knocks on yours door. On the day of delivery, you may track the parcel on the map and see exactly how many stops the courier has left before delivery. 

Delivery time – from 3 to 5 working days. 

Delivery for free!

    A wider range of shipment methods will be added soon 😊